[ ʤæz -pʊʃ ]

  1. When a skateboarder - accidentally or intentionally - pushes off on the opposite side of the board with their back foot.

see: Marc Johnson à la Yeah Right.

  1. An online community for skateboard photographers to share their work.
Where did it go?

The original Jazzpush site was written entirely from scratch. As a reuslt, it was some-what slow and hard to maintain. It also required a considerable amount of money to host (see: image resources). It has since been moved to a Facebook group — ping us for an invite there.

The original site & content still exists here. The effective shut down date will be 05/01/2017. Gather any content you want from the site now; images, conversations, contacts, etc. Nothing will be migrated.

For questions email me @ terryworona@gmail.com.

Thanks for all the support!